RFP Services

Our Proposal Readiness Assessment and Writing services helps ensure you are able to prepare and present a compliant and compelling proposal on time. It begins with a review of your company’s proposal methodologies. We will obtain as assessment including strengths and deficiencies, with a recommended fix for each deficiency as we work through the writing process.

Services included in our offering are:

  • Creation of Compliance Matrix and Outline
  • Conducting a proposal win strategy session that allows your company to stand out
  • Conducting a strong proposal kickoff
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities / skill mix needed in the proposal team
  • Proposal Writers: A constructive analysis of the process for writing the proposal sections
  • An analysis of the development process and state of key graphics
  • Resume Review: An analysis of the resume / staffing process and writing resumes if needed
  • Past Performance: An analysis of past performance write-ups and a “lessons learned” session to move forward with an improved process for each subsequent round of RFP responses

Our flexibility in pricing accommodates small and medium-size firms. Also, for this to be an effective engagement, we need to start at least 30 days in advance of the final RFP.

Proposal Writing Services
Throughout the process, we work with your internal point of contact to solicit the required information. This may include your technical approach, methodologies, management plans, key personnel, quality control process, past performance, and price/cost, etc., as well as specific acknowledgements, addendums, and other documents. In the past, you may have experienced rejection of your proposal based on a technicality, minor omission, or formatting requirement; perhaps it was written in a hurry. This is common when responding to RFPs. The RFP Firm’s proposal writing services will help ensure that all of the requirements are met, the instructions followed, the evaluation criteria addressed, and the required documents included while being well written with a professional polish and delivered within the deadline.

RFP Management
We can also advise and/or manage your vendor selections for RFPs that you send out to your suppliers.

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