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Executive and Business Coaching Services


Kurt Reece-Peeplez – My Story

My two passions are fixing things and helping people. As a youth, I enjoyed taking my toys apart and putting them back together. As a football and basketball coach, I take a player’s game apart, identify the player’s strengths, opportunities, and potential and transform them into a more effective and more productive player.

As an Executive and Business Coach, I follow the same principles. I take a deep dive into your business goals and objectives, taking them apart so to speak, analyzing the risks, strengths, and opportunities. Then with your team’s input develop an executable strategy complete with actionable tasks. 

Our company, The Solz Group is a “Business Coaching and Service Provider” that helps clients build a solid business foundation geared for growth and profitability. With offerings that include Executive and Business Coaching, Project Management, Project Assessments, and Business Strategy, The Solz Group provides clients the best tools to manage, make better decisions, and achieve sustainable growth. 



Why Work With Us?

We are a partner to our clients rather than just being another vendor.  As a partner, we provide a Total Business Solution backed by a solid team of experts. The Solz Group is widely known for its Business Coaching and regularly helps clients improve performance and maximize returns on their investments.

Our Areas of Expertise Include:

* Executive and Business Coaching
* Business Strategy and Planning
* Project and Process Assessments
* Software and Vendor Selection
* RFP Response and Management
* Project Management Services 

Books & Publications

Books currently in print, written by our founder, Kurt Reece-Peeplez

Good Is The Enemy Of Great

A true road map for achieving greatness in every part of your life, this easy read will inspire you to not settle for “good enough” and strive for greatness in everything you do. It’s for everyone who wants to achieve more and reach new heights.  

Expect The Unexpected While Overcoming Your Greatest Fears

Learn how to eliminate your fears within minutes of reading this book! Every fear can be overcome.  This book will teach you how to turn your fears into options that you can implement and make your life better.